The app that fits the brand


What should be the focus of our app(s)? That was the question. We developed a strategy for the ANWB on what to do in the app(s) and how to stay focussed on customer value in the app channel within an omnichannel environment.

The research

I came up with an approach to find an answer. The design of this project was both outside in (customer centred) and inside out (organisation centred).

  1. Meta analysis of research done in the past years (15 reports from the field, total number of respondents over 10.000, 46 strategic documents)
  2. Strategy on the inside-out study on the organization’s capabilities and the believes of the key-players in the organization on what should be the focus.
  3. Conducting of interviews (n=32)
  4. Design and execution of 2 workshop sessions for the ANWB employees to transfer the strategy and knowledge


Going from 13 apps, to 5 with the 4 pillars defined by our research, at heart (vertrouwen, rust, zorg en verrassing). The main app, containing all features needed to feel that the ANWB has got your back in unfamiliar territory and some ‘special usecase’ apps.