Green Desk – Sustainability and business innovation for ABN AMRO


Green Desk is much like a NS business card (provided by an employer), but this time for the usage of flexible (co-working) office spaces. With Green Desk you can work anywhere you like, not limited to one location or one brand of flex spaces. The comfort of an office, but at a more convenient location. And the sustainable part? No more traffic. When there is no need to commute, just don’t.

I worked as an Innovation Consultant with the initiators of Green Desk to sharpen the concept, validate the product-market fit and realize the pilot.

The research

“I just want to work in a nice office space, but I don’t like to commute.” – a pre subscription survey response

To discover if this concept is worth investing in, I helped the team defining the Business Model Strategy, find its riskiest assumptions and plan ways to validate them with these 4 methods:

  1. Business Model Canvas sessions: to make sure what it would be that we sell and how we could best find our way in in the market
  2. Pre-subscription: this is a smoke test/fake door test with a small survey to find out how many people are willing to participate
  3. Pilot observation & data: actual booking data, review scores and feedback from 100+ pilot users
  4. Survey & interviews: to find out the ‘why’ of the behavior we have witnessed in the pilot

We build a concierge MVP (together with a developer and a UX designer) in 3 months time to test the ideas in real life and find out what the actual behavior of users we can expect in the future.


The pilot with 100+ participants from 3 companies will be conducted in Q4 of 2022. Results are expected in January and will be published here.

More information and contact via the ABN AMRO website (Dutch).